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Your Data, your Security, your Choice.
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Discover the power of data anonymization and join us in the journey towards data protection and compliance!

At Trust Systems, we're on a mission to help businesses secure their data and protect their privacy. Our data anonymization product offers a hassle-free solution to safeguard sensitive information.


With Oblivia you can alter data and make it usable by third parties in such a way that it cannot be associated with any specific individual. This process maintains the consistency of the information and enables users who work with this data to analyze it, use it in tests and draw conclusions suitable for their purposes. All while being GDPR compliant.

We work with PostgreSQL and other database engines to accommodate your unique requirements, being also adaptable to different data formats, languages, and national context, for instance in tax numbers.


Why choose Oblivia?

Easy-to-use platform
Flexible access option
Industry-leading security
Internationalization support
Fast and efficient data anonymization
It supports many types of databases and (soon) documents

Oblivia's main features

Intelligent and automatic
The application can identify categories of words susceptible to being anonymized, according to the context.
Access to the result is possible for 7 days
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Guarantees the safety of your data
The original files are immediately destroyed after the anonymization process is complete.

Talk to us!

We are happy to introduce you to Oblivia and see with you how it fits your needs.

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