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Presenting Trust Systems' latest solution:


In only 4 simple steps, you can anonymize data, enabling third-party use without compromising individual identities. 

At Trust Systems, we’re on a mission to help businesses secure their sensitive data and protect their privacy.

Oblivia offers: 

  • Anonymization for data usability while maintaining privacy

  • Identification of susceptible word categories for anonymization

  • Strict access controls to original files

  • Timely deletion of files for enhanced privacy

  • Support for various databases and (soon) documents

  • Communication under TLS registered certificates

  • Secure authentication with OAuth 2.0

Interested in a demonstration? Get in touch with us!

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Trust Systems works with you on improving your information ecosystem so that your organization become more productive.

We are specialized in Information Security solutions.


We develop projects, in an agile and fast way, in contexts where Security is a critical dimension.

We work in close partnership with leading manufacturers in their respective areas of expertise to bring you the most appropriate solution in each case.

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