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Risk management and mitigation system that implements known methodologies for critical systems, transporting their capabilities and benefits to the corporate and organizational environment.

See how  identifying, monitoring and managing your risks can increase the value of your organization.



Tested methodologies

Risk Mitigation


We feel the need to manage risks. To mitigate them.

To involve the entire organization in this evolution.

Our customers felt the same way and talked to us.

See how we addressed this issue and how De-Risk can help you.

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Come and see how you can apply

our technology to your business context .


Dynamic reports

Reports are generated with the information that is gathered by the audit processes or by simply monitoring the different business areas.

Some reports may be dynamic graphs.

Other reports you can export for additional work on spreadsheets or text documents.


As is most appropriate to your business needs...


Non-conformities management

As important as identifying improvement points is having a way to monitor this evolution.

With De-Risk, this monitoring is ensured and associated with alarm mechanisms that support the risk management and mitigation processes.


Highly configurable

It is very easy to adapt to the specific characteristics of each organization through the available back office functionalities.



Easy to use

It is a friendly and intuitive system that encourages its use throughout the organization, making it an important ally in the process of being compliant with international standards such as ISO27001 or ISO31000.

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