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Trust Systems  works in Information Security since 2016.

We focus on information protection solutions (such as encryption and anonymization), audits and security services.

As main action drivers, we are agile, fast and very dedicated to what we do.

And our entire team has a clear orientation towards  results and the quality of what we do.

"On Time, On Budget and On Quality" is a rule at Trust.


We carry out audits in the personal data protection field.

But we go much further:

We show

clearly the ways to ensure that protection

We provide

a way for the whole organization

 to collaborate towards Privacy.

We develop Cloud solutions

with high Security requirements,

having conceived, developed and implemented such solutions in  Telecom, Energy, Forestry and Sustainability , among others.

We ensure end-to-end delivery

of our solutions, not overlooking users and administrators training, application and systems support and guarantee of the implemented solutions.

International Partnerships

From the beginning to access the best technologies.

More recently to promote our products.

January 2016

Security Solutions

They are at the base of our foundation. We protect structured and unstructured information wherever you are.

January 2016

Cloud Solutions

Offering cloud solutions in a high security context.

Combining various technologies to provide integrated information 

end to end.

September 2017

R&D projects

Internal development of innovative solutions applying edge technologies to different contexts.

National and international cooperation in a network of R&D Institutions and  Universities.

February 2016

Our Products

Ability to create our products for the international market incorporating technological knowledge and domain knowledge.

May 2019

And we can also generate a solution that works perfectly for your company

​For more information
about this



To be an Information Security leader defending and protecting  company's main assets: people and information.



Provide specialized solutions and services that optimize the organization's Productivity and Information Security.




Inoweiser logo

Trust Systems is one of the founding companies of the INOWEISER eco system.


As such we have the enormous advantage of being able to develop our activity in areas in which we are experts at an international level, and yet, whenever necessary, we can count on the advantage of having with us a network of experts in other areas of Information Technologies.

Being a part of the INOWEISER environment has been a differentiating factor for us and has enabled us to participate in various national or international challenges, in which each party contributes with the skills in which it specializes.

To get to know the INOWEISER eco system better, we suggest you visit our website.


How we work

We develop solutions

based on hybrid Waterfall and Agile methodologies

We take advantage of the benefits of each methodology in order to ensure the ability to work in a context of limited resources (time, budget) and maintain the necessary agility within the development teams.

How we work

We audit

and provide consultancy

following short-term delivery cycles

The objective is to motivate the audited teams by bringing the work sessions closer to the recommendations implementation sessions.

code of ethics


At Trust we live according to a strict code of ethics in which




No-Discrimination (of any kind, gender, color or creed)



are corner stone principles.

Any Trust employee is aware of this set of values that associated with those of Excellence , Merit , Honor and Cooperation ,

guide all our decisions, options, hiring, promotions, ...

The entire team has a responsibility to ensure that this Trust way of being in the world is strengthened, perpetual and is contagious to all our stakeholders .

We are convinced that in a strong, cohesive and healthy company we can build a more supportive, more complete, more equal, more sustainable world.



Ana Guimarães


"There are three constants in life: 
change, choice and principles"

-  Stephen Covey


Marco Morado


"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

-Winston S. Churchill

 Senior Developer

João Ferreira

 Senior Developer

"Any sufficiently advanced bug
is indistinguishable from a feature"

–Rick Kulaweic

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