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How would you like your customers, your employees, all your stakeholders to feel this calm and protected

about their personal data?

Get Privacy to easily ensure

GDPR compliance

Secure. Simple. Effective.
Created to facilitate the work of DPO's and Auditors
by monitoring both actions and results, mitigating risks and minimizing applicable sanctions.
Access Privacy anytime, anywhere, from any device...
The solution

The solution

Privacy is a cloud solution designed with a high security level to assist Auditors and DPOs in the complex mission of achieving and sub sequentially maintaining personal data protection under the terms of the GDPR standard.

The solution allows multiple audits to be carried out simultaneously without any data contamination risk, through highly customizable questionnaires.


Privacy also allows the monitoring of the necessary corrective actions, in a continuous improvement approach, through the identification of weaknesses and risk management.

Everything structured in such a way that the user doesn't have to worry about data contamination or information security.


8 good reasons to choose  Privacy

Easy access
(any device)


Easy process monitoring

Time saving

Evidence gathering

Dynamic reports

Risk mitigation


High security



What does Privacy offer to a DPO?

Privacy was designed as a single point application to provide a complete view of your organization's  personal data protection non-compliance risks.

You can easily share this status with top management and pinpoint within the organization which areas or processes  have the highest and lowest default risk levels.

All in detail or in overview: you can choose the way you want to carry out this monitoring.

In an easy and intuitive way.

Differentiated and safe accesses

Detailed and aggregate view of

risks and weaknesses

Monitoring risk reduction measures

Risk management

reports generation

GDPR audits end to end Support


Securely perform parallel audits

to several clients

Consider different risk levels to each

fragility, according to a methodology

designed for safety critical processes

Automatically generate reports

required in our legal framework

Provides end to end support to
GDPR audits

Simplify your GDPR audits

Imagine you had a tool that managed all your GDPR processes,

no mishandling,

no delays, fully configurable

with a vast set of reports automatically generated.

Interesting, isn't it?

Privacy monitors and manages all GDPR audits.


Come meet.

Come meet

Come meet!

We are happy to introduce you to Privacy 

and to see with you

how it fits your needs.

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